Vegetarian Ciabatta Pizzas

Ciabatta Pizzas

This recipe is mostly about the vegetarian ‘tomato sauce’ base. I’ve always been on a quest for a decent protein-rich veggie pizza and this sauce is now one of my best tricks. Top the pizzas however you would like, the ingredients here are just a start. These can make a […]

Pull up a chair, it’s been awhile

Well world, I’m really sorry to have abandoned you these last couple of months. It’s just been one thing after another this year- a whirlwind to say the least. Basically, I went from working too much to getting ‘laid-off’ to making a major career shift to training for a half-marathon […]

Festive Dips & Appetizers

Got a couple last-minute guests joining for Turkey Day? We sure did (that takes us up to twelve for tomorrow, for those of you who are counting, hee hee). So, how do you materialize a couple more plates of food when the turkey is already two-days thawed? How about some […]

April: Showers of Recipes

So, today’s post is just going to be a little updating on what’s been developing in the OntheFly world. First, it was never my vision for OntheFly to be an “ode to Megan’s recipes”. As much as I love banging about in the kitchen myself, my aim has always been […]

Finishing Touches

What’s a party without drinks and chips? Well, it could be a party with drinks and popcorn. One important fact about Singapore: one bag of chips costs more than a box with three bags of microwavable popcorn in it. Thus, today I’m sharing three flavored popcorns that were whipped up […]


What do you do when you live in Singapore, you absolutely love Halloween and a proper pumpkin costs $35+?  Well, when in the tropics… It seems these guys have grown in popularity over the past year, which is great, because not only are there now more instructions and samples online, […]