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Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea, Pearl Tea, Boba Tea … whatever name its going by, hopefully you’ve come across this drink at least once in your life already. They were a bit of a fad when I was in college, but like so many things, I didn’t really experience Bubble Tea until I […]

Chicken Satay

Satay is pretty common across all of Southeast Asia (and even The Netherlands, actually, due to its Indonesian ties), but in Singapore they have a particular style. Singaporean satay is a bit smaller, a bit fattier and there’s a bit more emphasis on the flavor of the meat itself (but […]

Chili Crab

If you ever visit Singapore and you don’t eat chili crab, please, surrender your passport and forfeit your right to travel. This is one of the true treasures of world cuisine. The first place (and one of the best, IMO) that I ever had chili crab in Singpaore was a […]

Chicken Rice

Ok, let’s dive right into this and get chicken rice out of the way. Hainanese chicken rice might just be THE quintessential Singaporean hawker dish. If you’ve known anyone who ever lived in Singapore, odds are you’ve heard them mention this dish. Odds are also pretty good that you’ve heard […]

Gingered Crab Salad

Man, there are a lot of good-looking salad recipes out there. I wanted to do something with salmon, tuna or maybe prawns, but when I saw one with crab, I just couldn’t resist. I can rarely eat crab in restaurants anymore, so it’s nice to find something like this that […]

ABC Soup

It’s funny. When I look up this soup, every entry I find starts the exact same way it was initially described to me: “I don’t know why it’s called ABC Soup, and there really aren’t any rules on what to put in it…“. So here’s my official prognosis: ABC Soup […]