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Tortilla Chip Casserole

Tortilla Chip Casserole

A playful twist on some traditional Tex-Mex flavors – use tortilla chips for a quick and easy, crowd-pleasing dinner. Bake like a casserole as described below, or pour the casserole mixture on top of crushed up tortilla chips for an easy taco salad. Tortilla Chip Casserole   Save Print Prep […]

Vegetarian Chili

Like any good Texan, I love a good chili and it’s one of the dishes I miss most since going veggie. It’s hard to vegetarianize a dish that gets so much of its flavor from stewing meat into a sauce, but this version I like for the vegetarian style that […]

Climber’s Couscous

Back in Amsterdam, as a trade-off for making them go to bikram yoga, the guys starting making us girls go climbing with them. As much fun as it was to lunge for the final grip, slip and get a nasty crack of whiplash when I hit the ground, I have […]

Enchilada Soup

And now, in keeping with soups inspired by some of my favorite restaurants, here’s one that I’ve loved about as long as I can remember- Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup. Except, I mixed it up a bit, added some black beans and made it vegetarian (I know, shocker!). [Prep: 10min / […]