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‘I’m Sick!’ Ramen

So, two things: first, I’m really, really late getting Soothing Soup month started- I know. Second, I was really perplexed as to what to expand on for the feature entry on soups this year. But luckily, (like everyone else this time of year) I got sick- so now I have […]

Breakfast Tacos

So, breakfast tacos may not be the most innovative or exciting dish on the planet, but this recipe is very dear to me. Not only is it the first meal I ever created, but it also contains a super secret ingredient that will finally be revealed to the world [wide […]

Quiche Lorraine

My mother’s quiche is one of the foods I look forward to most when I go home. So incredibly easy to make, though, I figured it was about time I got her recipe and started making them myself! This is another French breakfast, a delightfully fluffy and cheesy egg pie […]

The Everyman’s Croque Madame

I had my first croque-madame a few months ago at this lovely cafe on the Amstel called Ysbreeker.  It was also the first real French food I’d ever had and I was instantly in love. A croque-madame is something like a grilled ham and cheese, except ten times better because it’s smothered in white sauce […]

Breakfast of Champions

Raise your hand if you don’t eat breakfast in the morning. That’s what I thought. Well, it’s that time of year again, and whether you’ve set resolutions for yourself or not, I’m giving you one: eat breakfast. If there’s any lesson that I’ve had to learn over and over again in […]