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Crawfish Bisque

I tried this one for a special Valentine’s Day dinner. It’s sort of a hybrid adaptation of a tasty-looking recipe from allrecipes.com and my all-time favorite lobster bisque from Red Lobster— the recipe of which I cannot directly link to, but you can find it and all their other ‘secret’ recipes […]

Quiche Lorraine

My mother’s quiche is one of the foods I look forward to most when I go home. So incredibly easy to make, though, I figured it was about time I got her recipe and started making them myself! This is another French breakfast, a delightfully fluffy and cheesy egg pie […]

The Everyman’s Croque Madame

I had my first croque-madame a few months ago at this lovely cafe on the Amstel called Ysbreeker.  It was also the first real French food I’d ever had and I was instantly in love. A croque-madame is something like a grilled ham and cheese, except ten times better because it’s smothered in white sauce […]

Holiday Ham and Cheesy Spinach Potatoes

One of my big guilty pleasures in life (ranking right up there with a mild soap opera addiction) is a deep fondness for the blue box: good old Kraft macaroni and cheese. On those rare occasions when I find myself cooking for one, it’s what I nearly always turn to. What meat […]

Easy Scalloped Potatoes

For our final potato installment, I’ll leave you with scalloped potatoes. The most common version involves smothering sliced potatoes with a white cream sauce made up of a mix of flour and butter. While those are delicious, there’s always an easier alternative (and I’m not talking out-of-a-box).  This recipe makes […]