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Tofu Sukiyaki

Tofu Sukiyaki

Bear with me, because this one is highly adapted. The original recipe is made with classic Japanese ingredients like mirin, sake and dashi soup that you probably don’t have at the ready or feel like having massive amounts of left over in your pantry. But I’ve made this one a […]

Wakame Cucumber Salad

Chuka wakame, or seaweed salad, is a must-have appetizer for me whenever I get sushi. Typically strands of wakame seaweed are mixed with very thin slices of cucumber and a dressing of vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and chili flakes. It’s delicious, though difficult to replicate at home. But since seaweed […]

‘I’m Sick!’ Ramen

So, two things: first, I’m really, really late getting Soothing Soup month started- I know. Second, I was really perplexed as to what to expand on for the feature entry on soups this year. But luckily, (like everyone else this time of year) I got sick- so now I have […]