Tag: seafood

Crawfish Bisque

I tried this one for a special Valentine’s Day dinner. It’s sort of a hybrid adaptation of a tasty-looking recipe from allrecipes.comĀ and my all-time favorite lobster bisque from Red Lobster— the recipe of which I cannot directly link to, but you can find it and all their other ‘secret’ recipes […]

Chili Crab

If you ever visit Singapore and you don’t eat chili crab, please, surrender your passport and forfeit your right to travel. This is one of the true treasures of world cuisine. The first place (and one of the best, IMO) that I ever had chili crab in Singpaore was a […]

Zesty Cole Slaw

Is cole slaw salad? Well, it wouldn’t be very Texan of me to have a salad month- or to close-out the summer -without a cole slaw recipe. This is my personal favorite. For the sake of making it a full meal, I added boiled shrimp. You could use ham or […]

Gingered Crab Salad

Man, there are a lot of good-looking salad recipes out there. I wanted to do something with salmon, tuna or maybe prawns, but when I saw one with crab, I just couldn’t resist. I can rarely eat crab in restaurants anymore, so it’s nice to find something like this that […]