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My Week As a Vegetarian

As I admitted before, I made a big change at the beginning of this year and became a ‘flexitarian‘. Why? Well, I was having a dinner with colleagues where nearly no one but myself was eating meat. When I asked what was going on, I got an overwhelming response about how […]

It’s Always Summer in Singapore

It may be freezing in my apartment in Europe right now, but back in SIngapore, it’s 80F all year round. No really- everyone seems to ask me this -the weather does not change in Singapore. Its just one long, endless summer of rain and heat and humidity. See this funky […]

December Desserts

If you’ve been paying attention, then you probably know that I don’t bake. Measuring, mixing, flour … ick. Waaay too precise for me. Fortunately, there are easier and much quicker ways to get to dessert. Here are some ways to make a delectable dessert without having to invest in a […]

Summer Salads

Hello! Well, it’s been dreadfully long since my last post- but I just had to take a two month break. Since the rice dishes in May, I’ve gotten a new job, a new apartment, new roommates, a new immigrant status … it’s safe to say I’ve been a little overwhelmed. […]

Rice to the Rescue

When I first moved out to Singapore, upon our first lunch together, literally every Southeast Asian I met would ask me if I liked rice. “Why on earth would I not eat rice?” I would ask. And every single time the answer would be, “Because Americans only eat bread.”  o_0 This […]

March Meals in Minutes

Naturally, people often come to me and OntheFly in search of quick recipes. Though, I will be the first to admit that my recipes are not always fast. Easy, yes. Fast, ehhhh, sometimes. Everyone (or, at least, many many people out there) wants to whip-up their meals as quick as possible. […]