I am not a chef, but I’ve always loved to cook and managing a late-night, grease pit, student cafe my senior year was one of the best times of my life. I don’t do fancy, I don’t do gourmet, but man, do I experiment. And like many of you out there, I’m a young, busy professional: scribbling down the grocery list with my morning coffee so I can throw some food on the table at the end of the day. Here you will find things that are reasonably quick, usually messy and hopefully tasty- along with some tips and tricks I’ve been developing along the way.

About Page

I’m also one of those annoying ‘flexitarians’ who eats primarily vegetarian except in certain social situations (like when a particularly enticing steak enters the room). As a fairly athletic person, I take my protein intake pretty seriously, and I hope you’ll find my recipe collection a great reference for high-protein vegetarian meals.

I try to follow a few simple guidelines for my recipes:

  1. Easy.
    The sad truth is, fast is often difficult. I do my best to dig-up fast recipes and give tips on cutting down prep-time, but that’s not really my focus. Instead, what I promise to bring to you are recipes that are fun and easy. I sing and dance while I cook, and you should too.
  2. Rounded.
    I don’t believe in being uber-healthy. Life is too short. And I like carbs. And cheese. And chocolate. And bacon. And… yeah, you get the point. But I was raised to eat balanced, well-rounded meals, so my recipes here aim to be such.
  3. Diverse.
    I’m significantly-portioned Italian by descent. I was raised in Texas. I went to college in the pizza capital of the world. I’ve worked in India. I lived in Southeast Asia for two years. Then I ate glorious Oud cheese in Holland for another two. Now I live in London. My favorite thing about all of it? The food. I hope my recipes reflect as much.
  4. Made for Two.
    With very small exception, my recipes are always portioned for two. Why? I’ve found cooking-for-two to be the most common for my readers. Then, if you’re more, it’s easy to multiply. If you’re one, a set of left-overs is always convenient.
  5. Flexitarian.
    My blog went on a long hiatus in 2012 when I became a vegetarian. Well, pseudo-vegetarian (see previous comment on bacon). It took me a little while to decide where to take OntheFly, and now you’ll find the focus primarily on vegetarian meals. Use the category and topic listings as handy navigation to recipes featuring different veggie-proteins and the occasional meat.

~Happy Cooking!~